Frequently Asked Questions



  • I tried to sign up as a Creator but it is closed, when will it open again? There is no set date, we close registrations when there are too many on the wait list.


  • I just signed up to be a Creator and my password is not working? You can’t log in or access your account until it’s been approved. This is mentioned right after you finish signing up.


  • How long does it take to get approved? Currently it can take from 1 to 3 weeks to be reviewed. We only send out emails when a user has been approved.


  • I was never approved but it says my email and username are already being used? Your profile is on hold for when we accept everyone, you will have an account ready. 



  • I’m having trouble with the upload button and posting content? Try refreshing the page, only one post can be made at a time.


  • When are payments sent out? We pay out every 1st and 15th. You must have a valid ID with your age uploaded to the Edit section.




  • When will the Request option be available? This feature will likely be ready for Summer 2020 along with other new features.


  • How do I cancel a subscription? You simply login to PayPal and cancel from that end it’s under All Tools there.


  • I’m not getting access right away after I subscribe? This only happens when you don’t use the button to go back to Instafeet from PayPal. Let us know, we have to do it manually.