How It Works?

At Instafeet any person 18 and over can apply to be a creator for free.

Step 1.

Create a Profile

Apply for a profile. Everyone will not get accepted so read the rules first. You must show a valid photo ID to verify.

Step 2.

Post Content

We recommend you post at least 5 photos to start. Add more to keep your subscribers paying every month.

Step 3.

Set a Price

Most users price is under $10 /month. It's better to have many people pay a little. 5 subscribers that is $50 /month*

Step 4.

Get your own unique link

Step 5.

Share : Tell your friends, followers and stalkers... j/k




All creator profiles must be approved by an admin to ensure quality.

*Instafeet takes a standard fee (10%) to pay for credit card processing and maintenance.